Pointer by Original SculptureSculpture has the power and strength to alter one’s emotions. I hope that my artwork does just that. Creating and giving pleasure feels such a potent combination, bringing rise to an intoxicating sense of fulfilment.

I am happy to undertake commissions for a variety of subjects. please contact me for more details.


Would you agree with my statement that elephants appear charismatic? One could say that they seduce our attention because of their magnificent size and physical presence, behind a backdrop of wilderness and social cohesion. I have an admiration and compassion for these gentle beasts.

The Couple

How do we define what we see around us? Does our mood, in this living jungle linger about our subconscious? Grasp a moment, then capture it, transform the thought into a mass. I was pleasantly pleased to see how well these two subjects complimented each other. They were meant to be together for all time.


Commission of a King Charles Spaniel dog.


Many thanks to Liam and Colin for helping me putting together my website ,cheers guys x

Kathleen Deane Kathleen Deane